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You’re not afraid of the dark, are you?
DARK MATTER is an anthology of nine short stories, each of varying genres, but all with a dark edge that cuts deep.

Written by Chris Sides (WHISPERING SANDS) and illustrated by a plethora of talented indie comics artists, including Chris Travell (BRITISH SHOWCASE), Freja Steele (WHISPERING SANDS), Mahmut Dervish, Dean Sandford, Simon Bennett Hayes and Ashley Hewerdine (DEATHRIDGE).

Don’t expect a happy ending.

Praise for DARK MATTER:

‘(Chris’) ability to build worlds around his characters is impressive, especially given the limited time each story is given to develop.’
-Craig ‘Ceej’ Neilson, Big Comic Page

‘Chris has a grasp on the five page story; he understand the beats that you need to establish and tell a story and leave on a down/up note.’
-Tony Esmond, Down The Tubes

‘For a quick, introspective and moody read, DARK MATTER will do the trick…’
-Jose Caraballo, A Place To Hang Your Cape

‘…highly recommended for fans of science fiction or horror comics.’
-Jack Chambers, Inter-Comics Podcast

8/10 – ‘…the collection has a particular dynamic all of its own.’
-Tony Jones, Starburst Magazine